Travel Program

The objective of the Travel Program is to provide the best soccer development experience for our children so they can reach their maximum potential within the State, Regional, National, and even world platforms.  To attain this objective, the program aims to instill an atmosphere of Enthusiasm and Appreciation for the sport of soccer, promote good sportsmanship, and develop the Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological attributes necessary to be quality soccer players.

Age Group:  The age groups are determined by birth year, January-December, and set by US Youth Soccer Association.  All participants move up to the next age group each seasonal year.  The seasonal year is September to June.  Below is an example of age groups for the current seasonal year, (Fall-Spring):

  • 2014:  U9
  • 2013:  U10
  • 2012:  U11
  • 2011:  U12
  • 2010:  U13
  • 2009:  U14
  • 2008:  U15
  • 2007:  U16
  • 2006:  U17
  • 2005/04:  U18/19