Pre-Academy Program

This program offers a training environment aiming to start the player's development and thereby ensure that we are all working in the same direction throughout the club.  And to prepare players for more challenging aspects of the youth game as they become competitive players.

Through the training we will strive to achieve the following:

  1. Developing the technical ability to its fullest capabilities
  2. Encouraging passing and control. (More emphasis on younger players)
  3. Improving player confidence and composure on the ball.
  4. Encouraging building up play from the defensive third where it is appropriate.
  5. Taking away the fear of failure by allowing players to express themselves on the field without being yelled at and being constantly told what to do.
  6. Creating space all over the field using awareness, width, and depth in possession of the ball and off the ball.
  7. Promoting positive attacking soccer.
  8. Working on Attacking and Defending as an individual and as a team.